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Woman Checking Cat's Heart

Our Commitment

In 1986 the St. Paul Veterinary Clinic became part of the Milwaukee community. Since then we have been fortunate to see thousands of patients and clients from all over the city and beyond.

We have grown over the years, responding to the evolving needs of our clientele. From neonatal to geriatric, we support our patients’ health and well-being. Our vaccination protocols protect the young but when disease strikes before protection is complete, our knowledge and experience with parvovirus, feline infectious peritonitis, distemper, and a host of other diseases can see the young and ill through to a new beginning.

Our orthopedic services are extensive and affordable. The skill and care with which each procedure is performed rival that of specialty clinics. At St. Paul we are dedicated to keeping these services as accessible as possible.

Veterinarian Examining a Dog with Her Stethoscope

As we are fully walk-in for all services including some routine surgeries, we are always prepared to deal with medical and surgical emergencies as well as routine care. Emergencies are handled efficiently and at no additional fee. This includes cases seen during our evening and weekend hours. Our facility can accommodate large numbers of patients and our lobby is often bustling with the activity of clients and their pets.

At St. Paul we consider our staff family and we are so grateful, as a family, to be part of the Milwaukee and Midwestern communities. We would be pleased to support you and your animal to ensure a happy and healthy life together in our wonderful city.

Meet Our Team
Veterinarians Holding a Rabbit and Bird

Pets We Serve

Services for exotic pets depend on day.

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Pocket Pets (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchillas, Hamsters, and Ferrets)

  • Birds (basic care)