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Our Staff - Milwaukee, WI Vet Clinic

Dr. Gursharan Singh

Dr Singh has been practicing small animal medicine and surgery for the last 15 years and is part of St. Paul veterinary clinic since 1999. He has special interest in emergency medicine, orthopedics, soft tissue and laser surgery. In his spare time, he like to travel and spend time with his 3 children, wife ,and Yorkshire terrier named "Shera".

Dr. Ben Seebart

I am a 2007 graduate of the University of WI - Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine. I enjoy working with cats and dogs, and have a great interest in both soft-tissue and orthopedic surgery. At home my wife and I have quite the zoo. We have 3 cats (Fritz, Phoenix, and Edna), 3 dogs (Emma, Gracie, and Portia), and 2 fish tanks (fish not named). In my free time, I enjoy golfing, fishing, hiking, reading, and woodworking.

Dr. Jon Dean

Dr. Dean's special interests in practice are dermatology, nutrition, animal behavior, ophthalmology and urology. Prior to entering clinical practice, he did veterinary clinical research in the University of Minnesotafs departments of Integrative Biology and Physiology and Veterinary Clinical Sciences. When not at work, his hobbies include travel, home improvement projects, rugby union, camping and fishing. He and his husband live on the north side of Madison with their sheltie/corgi mix, Molly. He divides his time between Saint Paul Veterinary Clinic and Capital City Veterinary Clinic, our sister clinic in Sun Prairie.

Dr. Zack Rieck

Unlike most veterinarians, Dr. Rieck (or Dr. Zack to many of his clients) felt the call to animal care later in life, after military service and a career in aviation maintenance. His ultimate career choice was largely influenced by his early exposure to animal science through his father, a wildlife biologist. He has fond childhood memories of being chased around the living room by a raccoon and petting a wild hawk.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in Biology, and received his veterinary medicine degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013. He sings in a local German choir and plays trumpet in a number of community bands and orchestras alongside his wife, Tristann, who owns a music store in Milwaukee.

Aside from music, Dr. Rieck's hobbies include candle making, woodworking, cooking, gardening and art.

Dr. Kelly Schultz

Dr. Kelly Schultz has degrees in biology, psychology and conservation biology as well as her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from UW-Madison. Since 2002, she has been working with a wide array of animal species from dogs and cats, to monkeys, turtles, cranes, mice, chinchillas and other less typical species. Before becoming a veterinarian Dr. Schultz worked in behavioral research and taught introductory biology at UW Madison. She has special interests that include but are not limited to: preventative care, client education, infectious diseases and public health.

Diane J.

I am a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician) with the St Paul Team and I graduated from Madison Area Technical College in 2008. Currently my heart and home are shared with 4 cats - Kelly, Rassia, Orion and Turnip. I am proud of the work we do here at St Paul Vet, and I especially enjoy working with feline patients. From sweet kittens to cranky old grandcats who have been around long enough to know what they want and being examined isn't it.

Jamie T.

I have been riding horses since I was 4 years old and currently I own my own business training and selling young horses for competition prospects. I worked for a US Olympic rider for a year in North Carolina, running an International Sport Horse Farm. Since moving back to Milwaukee, St Paul Vet Clinic has given me an abundance of knowledge and experience. I truly love every aspect of being an employee at St Paul!

Cynthia G.

I joined the St. Paul Veterinary team in April of this year. I couldn't have asked for a better caring, helpful, and fun family to work with! My pets are my grouchy little old dog Beast who's 13yrs old, and 1yr old Simon (my cat) who likes to play fetch. I am proud to be part of the St. Paul Vet Crew, and look forward to helping new fur friends stay healthy every day.

Miranda M.

I have been working for St Paul vet clinic since 2002. I have owned my own kennel for almost 20 years as well as doing rescue work for abused and unwanted Pit Bulls and other Bully Breeds. My love and capabilities of handling large breed dogs is what landed me here at St Paul. I have learned a lot, seen a lot and have been able to help save a lot of patients who have walked thru our doors. I am truly blessed to be part of this growing family here at St Paul!


I've always loved animals! For the past ten years, it has been my pleasure working in the veterinarian field of small animal medicine for St. Paul Veterinary Clinic. I love what I do & always look forward to tomorrow.

I've been fortunate to be able to use my past experience in business management to help assist in making sure St. Paul Veterinary Clinic has all the tools & resources necessary to provide the best veterinarian care available.

I have two beautiful Yorkshire terriers; Pippi & Penny. Their love is contagious!

I'm so proud to work with a team of professionals that are dedicated to providing our clients & their pets with the love & respect they deserve.

This career has given me so much satisfaction as I strive to achieve my goal of every animal being loved!

Nicole K

Nicole recently was added to the St Paul Veterinary team and is excited to meet all of the fur kids that come through the door. She has worked in the veterinary field for over 3 years, and in the animal industry for 15. Nicole has kept exotics ranging from iguanas to canaries, and currently shares her home with 3 dogs, 2 cats and a trio of ferrets. Nicole enjoys working with all animals, from pit bulls to rats!

Rachel V.

Rachel has been working as a tech in the veterinary field for the last 4 years, caring for a variety of wonderful companions. She has always had a love for all kinds of animals, and gets to help spread that love with a wonderful team of veterinary professionals here at St Paul. Rachel has several pets of her own including her dogs Pancho and Flapjack, some cats, rats and even a bird. In her spare time Rachel paints pictures and fishing. She hopes to enjoy many more years of doing my favorite thing!

Nicole P.

Nicole has been a member of the St. Paul Team since April 2016. She is currently a student at UWM working on getting into veterinary school. Nicole loves her job at St. Paul! Per Nicole, "I have the best coworkers and there’s never a day where I don’t learn something new and I love being able to help people take care of their furry companions". When Nicole is not playing with puppies and kittens at the clinic (or studying) you’ll find her either rock climbing, playing her guitar, video gaming, or enjoying the companionship of her own three cats Fred, Tessa, and Octavius.

Rebecca H.

From a young age I knew that I wanted spend my life working with animals. As a kid I had pet chickens, ducklings, rabbits, cats dogs, lizards, birds--you name it. At 16 I started volunteering on an equine therapy/rescue farm, and later got another job as a farm hand which I did throughout high school. I've been at UW-Whitewater since 2014 pursuing a bachelors degree in biomedical sciences, with the hopes of eventually going to vet school. In 2016 I spent my summer interning at a wildlife rehabilitation center where I gained experience with a broad range of species including raccoons, raptors, and my favorite, opossums. Shortly after my internship ended, I was hired here as a vet assistant. The doctors here are amazing, and I look forward to learning as much as I can from them about patient care medicine, and especially surgery. In winter of 2014 I rescued a matted, skinny stray who was eating out of my trash cans. I affectionately named her "Garbage". As you can see by our picture she turned out gorgeous and is now "princess garbage". I also have two pet rats named Watson and Cricket that I adopted from a coworker here at St. Paul. When I'm not working or studying, I like going to the lake with my friends and camping.


Ashley has been working in the veterinary field for the last 4 years from holistic to traditional veterinary medicine. She was added to the St.Paul Veterinary team in November of 2016. Every day at St.Paul is a new learning experience for her. She loves and appreciates the staff for giving her a warm welcome, and look forward to continue building her skills here at St.Paul!

At home, Ashley has a house full of fur babies. She has 3 orange tabby cats named Oliver, Simba, and Toulouse (all after orange Disney cats), and an 8 month old super-mutt named Lacy. The love and affection from her own animals is what has always made her so passionate about helping others!

In her free time, she can be found at the Miramar theater for music shows, exploring through all the local parks with friends, painting, or relaxing on Bradford Beach with a nice margarita and a book!


Leah joined the St Paul Vet Clinic family in 2017. She grew up with various family pets in Milwaukee, WI. Outside of work, Leah enjoys pleasure riding her horse Ollie, playing with her dogs Maddie and Bootsie, and spending time with her daughter Brylee. Leah enjoys being around all types of animals large and small. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is seeing pearly white teeth after cleaning years of tarter build up from dental patient’s mouth.